Steering oil &
gas amidst disruption

In the face of disruption, strategic planning and innovation technologiesdrive the oil and gas industry.

Who are we

A prominent Association in Nigeria’s oil & gas industry which unites Entrepreneurs: Depot Owners and Petroleum Marketers, to promote economic growth through policy advocacy. Through our rich and experienced network, we lead the transformation of the Downstream Petroleum sector.

Area of focus

Shaping Nigeria’s Downstream Oil & Gas Policy

We anticipate and actively participate in shaping the evolution of the downstream oil & gas industry taking into consideration the disruptive realities of the operating environment.

Membership Support Initiative

We actively support our members in unlocking cross cutting pain-points and operational bottleneck.

Policy Formulation & Implementation

We play an active role in policy formulation and implementation.

Fueling Economic Progress

We engage in strategic communication of the contribution of the downstream oil and gas industry to economic and social progress.

Transforming the downstream industry

Companies are adopting innovative processes and cleaner technologies to enhance efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint. The downstream industry’s transformation is not only about meeting today’s needs but also ensuring a sustainable and resilient future.

The modern world will not be the same without petroleum; we need petroleum to live the way we live. But we have to understand that it’s a finite resource.

– George P. Mitchell,

Our Members

DAPPMAN Membership is voluntary, and any member can exit the Association at any time, if they so wish. The Association is presently made up of the following companies:

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